Can we count with your Hand ?

These are some numbers that make us do
what we do.


millions childrens out of school

There was 59 255 376 children out of school with the primary age to be there! The goal is by 2030 all children are able to complete both primary and secondary education.

% had access to the internet

That was the numbers in 2015. The goal is that everyone gets access to internet by 2030!

millions in extreme poverty

In 2012 the number of people that lived in extreme poverty was scaring. The goal is that by 2030 no one lives in extreme poverty.

millions through malnutrition

In the end of 2014 the number of childrens stunted through malnutrition was spooky! The goal is to end it by 2030.

Some Members of Our Team

J. Collins

C. Jones

Pedro G.

Dilso Jr.

Ana Z.

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