The Climate is Calling
16 November, 2018
4 March, 2019
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Happy New Year !

This year we learned, once again, that climate change is not a distant phenomenon—it is here right now. Extreme weather hit communities around the globe, ice and glaciers shrunk and global greenhouse gas emissions grew. Many of these events are in line with projections of a warming world. At the same time, our understanding of climate science greatly improved, allowing us to better understand past impacts and what the future holds.


The science of attribution, which attempts to determine whether a particular extreme event is driven by climate change or is within the bounds of normal, is improving. Scientists are also providing faster analysis to help connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather events.

We now know more about climate change than we ever have before. Communities around the world experienced the effects of a warmer world in 2018, while researchers painted a very clear and alarming picture of how much worse things will get unless we change course.

May 2019 be the year we put these learnings into action and start rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Waglos is here not just to get some founds and donate to those who are in extreme poverty, but to work with you in a prevention of a better world for us and for those who came before us – our children.


You can count with us! Can you help us make this place a better “home” for living ?


Big hug and a great 2019!   

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