Sewing for Better

Sewing for Better

Waglos Sewing for Better” is the continuing project that will start with four to ten women of the local community that will start a sewing project, like a
successful project. will give 20 women and men seminars in tailoring, sewing and to buy 10 sewing machines.

The seminars will end up in an examination day where the tailors had to be able to draw, cut and sew shirts.

After this examination, also will give them seminars in entrepreneurship so they can look for markets, make cost calculations and market their products..

To continue the work for Waglos Sewing for Better, the women that will start
the first sewing group now work together in “Sewing for better” with the
new tailors.

They will make products like potholders, oven gloves, place
mats, computer bags, book covers, purses, pen cases, toilet kits, bags,
tablecloths, aprons, etc.

These products will be sold at local stores, markets and also to shops online.